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Chiens de sleigh Gatineau wants to share with you its passion, its way of life and the privilege of living with and by sled dogs!

Through initiations and training - with your dogs or ours - in groups or alone.   Exchange our   knowledge of the sport and activities of harnessed dogs.   To perform better, to our extent, in this world that we share with our canine companions.

By creating and participating in competitive, training or conference events.   Get the best from ourselves, from our canine companions, from our sport.   And bring it back to our regions to constantly improve our methods.

By organizing hikes, to make you live a moment of our life as mushers and trainers of harnessed dogs.   Live a moment at a different pace.   And create memories to make you want to go back again!  


Create and sell sensible products - of quality and competitively priced.   The only abuse permitted in our sport is that of equipment. Our company is a test bed for these products and we will only recommend products that pass the test.  

Finally, Chiens de sleigh Gatineau is the home of the Seppala Siberians of Chenil Gatineau II. Authentic and heritage dog breed with a history anchored   in the heart of the Laurentians and Outaouais regions.

Welcome to the world of Gatineau Sled Dogs!

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